Know The Warning Signs Of Septic Tank System Failure

septic tank system failure in Snohomish

Whenever you are dealing with a failing septic tank system, you could be putting your own household, your neighbors, and even your surrounding environment at risk of being exposed to unsanitary waste. This is why it is so important to take the time to have your septic tank system fully inspected to see if there are any signs of issues. Doing so may help you to avoid the strain and stress of septic tank system failure in Snohomish.

Having professional services from a company that you can trust in your local area will help you to easily identify some of the potential warning signs that your septic tank may be putting out that it could be on the verge of going out. These are some of the things that are tell-tale signs of a septic tank system failure:

Tank Overflow

Take a look at the condition of your tank to try to tell whether or not the system is about to fail. Any septic tank that may be on the verge of failing could start to overflow and then leak onto the surrounding soil and grass. You can tell if your tank is starting to overflow just by looking for any wet or soggy patches of the ground that is directly adjacent to the septic tank on your property.

Clogged Drains

Signs of a septic failure could start to present in the drains all throughout your home. If you have a system that is at risk of failure, it could cause the toilets or drains to start backing up with toxic wastewater. You may also see that one or more of the drains in your home will start to make gurgling noises, or even start draining a lot slower than usual. Any foul odors should also give you indication of a pending problem.

Beautifully Green Grass

Even though every homeowner has the dream of a lawn that is lush, green and healthy, the overgrown grass that is near your septic system could be pointing toward some sort of failure. Once a septic system begins to leak, it can spill into the area around your drainfield, which may cause the grass in that spot to grow at a much faster rate. If you start to notice that there is lush, green grass that is coming up all around your septic tank area, you will need to schedule services right away so that you can get a maintenance team in as soon as possible.

Schleg Valley Construction has all of the services and professional technicians that will be able to provide you with the proper maintenance and technology you need to assess the situation on your property. When you talk with us about the potential for septic tank system failure, we will come up with the best possible solution to keep your household up and running. If it seems as though you are in need of a replacement, we will be able to go through your options and come up with a septic design to be installed.

If you notice the signs of septic tank system failure in Snohomish, call on Schleg Valley Construction at (425)312-6750 for emergency guidance and assistance!