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Sewer Jetting Everett

Are you struggling with your sewer lines? Does it seem likes a blockage, or something is causing an issue? Then it’s time to call in the experts here at Schleg Valley Construction. For years we’ve worked with commercial and residential clients to provide the superior plumbing services they are looking for. We specialize in replacement, installations, and repairs for all sewer and septic systems. One service we offer is our sewer jetting in Everett.

Learn what this is below and why you may want to consider it if you’re dealing with a tricky sewer system:

What Is Sewer Jetting?

This is a procedure where we utilize high-pressure water streams to clean out sewer lines. The streams are directed by a specialized nozzle that creates the powerful stream that clears the debris and gunk in the lines.

Why Is This Needed?

Daily repeated use of sewer lines can cause buildup and blockages in the system. That can lead to a breakdown or the items backing up in your home. Using this method, our team can clear the lines of any debris that may cause issues down the road. It can clear out items such as blockages or even tree roots that have grown into the line.

We’re Here To Help

Using a high-pressure jet is not something you want to do on your own. If this is done improperly, it can actually damage the lines. That’s why you must have a professional on the job. We provide trained, certified, and insured experts to work on your system without a problem.

Call the office at (425) 312-6750 today to discuss your need for sewer jetting in Everett. We look forward to providing you with the high-quality, expert service you deserve for all your plumbing needs.