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Retaining Wall Installation Everett – Snohomish County

Building and designing your new home also includes outdoor landscaping. One of the items you may need to consider in your design is a retaining wall. These can be very aesthetically pleasing while doing the job they were designed to do. To discover the best for retaining wall installation in Everett, look no further than Schleg Valley Construction.

Our team of experts has been working with new homeowners for years to design and construct their dream. Before you settle on a contractor, check out our services below and see why so many turn to us for their design and build.

What is a Retaining Wall?

The retaining wall on your property is designed to help support and hold soil and landscaping in one place. When your property has a hill or slope, the earth and soil can move with erosion. To prevent that from happening, you need a retaining wall in place.

Materials and Design

A variety of materials and designs goes into the construction of your wall. Many factors must be considered, such as the type of soil you have, the degree of slope, the drainage patterns that happen naturally, and how much extra force will be put on the wall.

This is why having a professional design and install the wall is important. If it’s not done properly, it can end up being a catastrophe down the road.

Our team of design experts has been working with homeowners just like you to design and install their new walls. If you need to discuss retaining wall installation in Everett, be sure to reach out to our office today at (425) 312-6750 to set up a consultation.