How Drain Field Repair Impacts A Septic System

drain field repair in Monroe

A septic system is a nice option when you own rural property, whether it is residential or commercial in nature. However, when you are in need of drain field repair in Monroe, there are a number of things that you need to know.

When the professionals install a septic system, they dig deep down so that the tank can be installed. Then all of the plumbing that comes out of your toilets and drains connect into the tank with several components, along with several others that come out of the other end.

Once something is flushed down your toilet or sent down the drain, it goes through the pipes and into your tank where there are bacteria and chemicals that process all of the waste. This is where the treated liquid is separated from any solid waste. The treated liquid moves from the tank and into your drain field where it will get another chemical treatment before moving back into the soil.

Whenever an element of your septic tank is not working properly, the end result can be a plumbing issue that requires emergency attention. Such plumbing can end up getting clogged, your septic tank could end up cracking, or your drain field could become flooded and overflow with liquid.

Another problem can arise whenever there it too much water that goes through the tank at all times, seeing how the walks never end up getting the chance to dry completely. With the excess water, bacteria film can grow and then coat the drain field edges, meaning that the water is no longer able to successfully seep throughout the pipes and out of the system altogether. The next step with this problem will be to call the professionals so that you can look for a solution with drain field repair.

There can be some common warning signs to look for that your septic system is in need of repair to the drain field. These indicators will include

  • noises that are coming from your drains
  • clogs in your plumbing, and
  • wet spots on the ground by your drain field.

If you do have a septic system on your property, it is best to try to space out the usage, conserve water wherever you can, and make sure that you are having regular checks to ensure everything is working properly.

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