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Road Culvert Installation

When it comes to Road Culvert Installation in Everett, you want a team of experts on your side. This is not a project to take on yourself or to take lightly.  That’s where the professionals at Schleg Valley Construction come in. We can assist you with any project you may have.

What Is Road Culvert ?

A road culvert, also known as a highway culvert or a drainage culvert, is a structure designed to channel water under a road, driveway, railway, or other transportation infrastructure. It serves to prevent water accumulation on the road surface and helps maintain the integrity of the roadway.

Road culverts play a vital role in maintaining safe and functional transportation infrastructure by effectively managing water drainage. Proper design, construction, and maintenance of culverts are crucial to ensure their long-term performance and the safety of road users.

We own all of our heavy equipment, have trained and licensed experts on our team, and have worked for years in the industry itself.  Be sure to give us a call today at (425) 312-6750 to learn more.