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Septic Inspection Snohomish County – Monroe

Septic Inspection Snohomish County

If you have a home that utilizes a septic tank rather than city water and sewer, it is important to ensure that it continues to operate properly. Failing to do so can be disastrous and costly. Routine septic inspections on an annual basis will alert you of any possible leaks, effective component operation, and also let you knowe when septic pumping may be required. Having your system inspected once a year is the minimum recommendation.

There are two categories of septic inspections: One is a visual inspection, and the other is a full inspection that includes septic tank pumping. Inspections will help to ensure the home’s wastewater and solids and being properly collected, treated, and disposed of.

Visual Septic Inspection

A visual inspection is limited to running water in different areas of a home or other building and flushing all toilets. Locating the tank is sometimes undertaken, but it is typically not opened or checked unless the lid has already been uncovered. It is assumed that if there is no plumbing backup and no water buildup in the absorption area, that the septic system is fully functional. However, this does not guarantee that there is not a problem in an area that is not visible above ground.

One specific type of visual septic inspection involves a dye test, where dye is introduced into the plumbing through a sink or toilet. If dye is viewed in the yard, there is an issue with the system.

No matter whether a septic system is one year old or 25, it is a worthwhile investment to have an inspection on a periodic basis to keep things running smoothly. This can save you both time and money. Remedying a potential issue before it escalates ensures smooth septic operation and costs less for small parts repair instead of major replacements.

Full Septic Inspection

A full septic inspection is the most comprehensive way to make certain that the system is working properly. During this procedure, the tank is opened and liquid levels examined. If the level is within normal limits, water is directed through the system to make sure that it flows correctly.  The tank is then pumped to check for back-flow from the absorption area. Problems that may be discovered include

  • blockages in the pipes
  • an overfull or leaking tank
  • surfacing effluent
  • leaks in connections, or
  • leaks in the lines themselves.

Depending on the size of the home and the number of people living there, septic pumping ideally takes place every 3-5 years. An inspection can reveal information about usage of the system in the past and present, maintenance issues, any prior problems and more. This allows the inspector to determine how to proceed, and if further investigation is required. Only a professional septic tank pumping company, and not an inspector, should pump your septic tank.

For questions about your septic system and to schedule a professional septic inspection, contact Schleg Valley Construction at (425)312-6750. Take advantage of our experience and expertise in the field.

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