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Water Main Flushing In Everett

Are you concerned about your drinking water? Is it time to have a water main flushing in Everett? If so, then count on Schleg Valley Construction to help out! We’ve been in the area for years working with homeowners and commercial property owners alike to ensure clean, safe drinking water. Our team is here to flush your system and help you make sure the water you use daily is as fresh as it can be.

Benefits Of Flushing

One of the main benefits of flushing your main water line is to get rid of sediment. Over time, the sediment from corrosion settles in the lines themselves. That can come into your home in your drinking water or the water you use daily. By flushing the system, it cleans that out and gives you the best water possible.

How It Works

Our process works by running large amounts of water through the system that pushes out any sediment or debris that may be in there. Most times, the only difference you may notice is a reduction in water pressure as this takes place.

What To Know

Because flushing the water can sometimes cause discoloration to flow through, it’s best to wash laundry or dishes before the process. Typically, it lasts for 30 minutes up to an hour to thoroughly flush out the system.

If you require water main flushing in Everett, reach out to Schleg Valley Construction today. We can ensure your water is fresh and clean at all times. Call us at (425) 312-6750 for more information or set up your appointment today. We look forward to helping you!