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Trenchless Water Main Line Service In Stanwood

When you need to have new water lines installed or you want to repair a current one, Schleg Valley Construction is here to help. We work with contractors and homeowners alike to get the best trenchless water main line service in Stanwood to all our clients.

We work diligently to provide you with a variety of service options that help you to get water flowing freely in your home. Our team is here to help you with all your service needs.

Trenchless Method

The reason so many turn to this method is because of the vast benefits it brings. For starters, this method is less expensive and less invasive. Gone are the days of having to dig up your entire yard to make sure you could replace or repair a line. We can easily dig two holes, use a pulley system, and get to work.

Installation or Replacement

We work directly with your contractor to get your water lines installed on schedule. We can make sure that permits are pulled properly and that you don’t miss any inspections.

Replacement of outdated lines or those that are beyond repair is easier now than ever. Our team can help determine if a replacement is the best route and give you a full estimate. Because we own all our own equipment, there are no long wait times or extra fees.


Do you simply need a spot repaired without digging up the whole yard? That’s where trenchless service comes in. Call us today to get a tech onsite as soon as possible.

Reach out today by calling our office at (425) 312-6750 for more information on our trenchless water main line service in Stanwood.