Talk With Us About Pipe Bursting Service In Smokey Point


Talk With Us About Pipe Bursting Service In Smokey PointLeak issues with your piping system should never go unaddressed. It used to be that you had to have a significant portion of your landscape dug up to handle piping issues. However, hiring a pipe bursting service in Smokey Point as we offer at Schleg Valley Construction will get you results in a less-invasive manner.

The Popular Option

Although homeowners have many options available for handling pipe repair or replacement, pipe bursting has become the most popular. This is because pipe bursting is secure, accurate, and cleaner than any other procedure available today.

The pipes within any building will age, but you also need to think about the piping located outside, underground. You may have older piping; there could be issues with root infiltration or a fracture due to ground shifting.

What we do is dig an access point at both ends of your piping, then send a bursting tool through it. This tool works on breaking up the old pipe into pieces, sending them into the soil, all while clearing a path for the new pipe. It gets pulled into place, and you get left with strong, seamless piping ready to handle your daily use.

What About Cost?

Pipe bursting service pricing can vary depending on access to the pipe location, the materials or sizing of the pipe, and where the pipe is concerning the building and other structures.

The bottom line is that there are some times when pipes must get replaced. The good news is that you have options, and we are here to help at Schleg Valley Construction. With our innovative pipe bursting technique for repairing old or damaged lines, you can get the results you need without having to worry about your entire yard getting overturned.

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