Is It Time To Replace Your Gold Bar Septic Drain Field?

Is It Time To Replace Your Gold Bar Septic Drain Field?

Like other aspects of your home that you may not see each day, the drain field is something you don’t consider. That is until something goes wrong. If you are unsure if it is getting close to the time you should replace your septic drain field in Gold Bar, we can help! Schleg Valley Construction is the number one team in the area for all your septic and sewer installation, repair, or replacement needs.

How can you tell when to replace your septic drain field? The answer may be more simple than you think. Part of the answer lies in knowing what causes the drain field to fail. Some of the indications your drain field is beginning to fail includes the following:

  • Overuse – There are times when a drain field needs to be replaced because of a use change. How many people in your home using your septic system daily will impact the water that must evaporate from the drain field.
  • Standing Water – Your drain field should never become oversaturated. This area has to dry out regularly, so if you see wet spots or puddling, it is a sign that you need a replacement as soon as possible.
  • Poor Maintenance – Without regular pumping of your tank to remove solids, your drain field can start to have sludge buildup. Most people stay on a regular schedule to have their system pumped out every 3 to 5 years, which depends on the size of your system and how much it gets used annually.

Schleg Valley Construction has the answers to whether it is time to replace your Gold Bar drain field. Call us – Eastern WA: (509) 715-6765 – Western WA: (425) 312-6750. We are happy to come to your property to assess your drain field to determine if you need a replacement or if repair is your best option.