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Fix A Broken Water Main Line In Lynnwood

When you have a water leak problem, it can be highly frustrating to find where it’s coming from. Perhaps you’ve tried yourself to repair the leak or situation but you haven’t been able to get to the problem. That’s where Schleg Valley Construction can help. We have a team of technicians that are both trained and certified to work on any water line issue you have. We can easily fix a broken water main line in Lynnwood whether it’s under your foundation, connecting you to the street, or simply where it comes into the home.

What To Watch For

Knowing what you need to be aware of can help you catch the problem sooner than later. It’s important that at the first signs of a problem that you have the experts check it out. This can help fix the issue before it causes massive water damage.

Some of the signs to pay attention to include:

  • Puddles – On a normal basis, you should not have puddles of water standing in your yard, street, or the home. That’s why if you start to notice wet spots around the residence you should contact our team.
  • Foundation cracks – Water under the foundation can cause cracks to form. If these start to show, it can affect the entire home.
  • Spike in your water bill – If you have a sudden increase in your water bill without any changes in usage, there’s an issue that you can’t see.

When you call in our team, we’ll provide you with an experienced tech onsite promptly. With our minimally invasive evaluation methods, we can quickly pinpoint the problem and provide an affordable solution.

Call us today at (425) 312-6750 to discuss how we can fix a broken water main line in Lynnwood to your home.