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Drain Field Repair Everett

The drain field at your home or office is a vital part of your healthy septic system. What happens when you start to notice an issue? You must know what to watch to call in the experts for drain field repair in Everett. The team at Schleg Valley Construction provides reliable, expert service for all of your plumbing and septic needs.

If you notice any of the signs below, be sure to give us a call sooner than later. Don’t let repairs to your drain field go too long.

Signs To Pay Attention To

Your septic drain field will show signs of wear, tear, and damage if you know what to look for. Signs not to ignore include:

  • Water pooling in the yard – Water should not be in the yard pooled around your system. If you notice that it is, it’s time to call in the experts. This could be a sign that your drain field isn’t working properly or that you have a full tank.
  • Look at the lawn – A leak in the system can cause your lawn to react. If your drain field requires repair, the waste may be leaking out into your yard and causing damage.
  • Backup of sewage – Another sign that your drain field has an issue is that you’ll have sewage begin to back up into the home.

What Do You Do?

Call in the professionals! Drain field repairs are not something you want to do on your own. This is a significant investment in your home, and you want trusted pros on your side. The plumbing pros here can evaluate your drain field, find the issue, and provide an affordable solution for your needs.

If you need drain field repair in Everett, be sure to call our office today at (425) 312-6750 for all your repair, replacement, or installation needs.