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Concrete Sidewalk Installation Everett

A sidewalk is an entryway to your home. It must be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. What happens if you have cracks or broken pieces? Besides being an eyesore, they can become dangerous by tripping you as you walk into the home. That’s where Schleg Valley Construction can assist you with our professional services regarding concrete sidewalk installation in Everett. We take pride in offering you the most effective, dependable, and affordable concrete installation.

Got Cracks?

Cracks on the sidewalk can appear over time. Replacing it is easy to do with the right team on your side. The installation pros here can help with the removal, site prep, and design of your new sidewalk.

Need a New Walkway Established?

No problem! The concrete installation pros here know how to design the perfect size and length of a walkway to provide you the entire look and convenience you’re after. You can work with our design pros to help get your ideas on paper to create the design you dream of.

Prep, Pour, Set!

Our company owns all of the heavy equipment needed to clear out the concrete sidewalk areas. We will prep the site by removing any landscaping, debris, or roots that may be in the way.

Second, we will lay the foundation of wood slabs to keep the sidewalk design where it should be. This ensures accuracy in laying the concrete down.

Third, we pour the concrete into the design while consistently smoothing it out along the way.

After the sidewalk is poured, it needs to set for a few days, up to a week, and then used.

Our team is here to help you with your concrete sidewalk installation in Everett. Be sure to give us a call at (425) 312-6750 today.