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CMU Wall Installation Everett – Snohomish County

Building a new home is an exciting prospect. However, one part of the building can be overwhelming. That is choosing who your general contractor will be. That’s where the professional experts at Schleg Valley Construction come in. We’ve been working with homeowners just like you for years to help them design and build their dream homes. One way we do that is with our CMU wall installation Everett.

Discover the benefits of this type of building, how we help you stay on budget, and why so many of your neighbors choose us for their general contractor:

Why CMU Walls?

CMU, or concrete masonry unit walls, help to provide a vast number of benefits. This is one of the top construction ways to help your home last for years to come. This system is actually less expensive than other types of construction due to the size of blocks used to build your wall. However, that doesn’t mean it is less sturdy. In fact, it is more solid and resistant to damage with the blocks than without.

Our Team Is Here To Help!

We work with you to stay within your desired budget to find a style and design that fits your needs. Whether you have plans in mind already or need to start from scratch, our team is here to assist you!

Each of our talented contractors can help with the process from start to finish. Developing your dream home is easier than you may think with our vast construction services.

If you need to learn more about our CMU wall installation Everett, be sure to reach out today. We can discuss your budget, needs, and plans while ensuring your dream home is within reach. Call the office at (425) 312-6750 to learn more.