What Is Involved In A Septic System Install In Brier?

Septic System Install In Brier

Most septic systems will last you roughly 20 to 30 years or more if you are able to take on the suggested care and maintenance. Should you find that you need to think about replacing your septic system, you will need to hire a licensed contractor to get the work done for you. The team at Schleg Valley Construction will be happy to come out to your location so that you can have the information you need to have a system installed that will work properly for you for many years to come. We can help you with your professional septic system install in Brier.

Understanding How Septic Systems Work

If you are able to understand what a septic system does, it will be easier for you to know the type of septic will be best to meet up with your needs. We will be available to help you settle in on the right septic tank size and make sure that you understand all of the components. Our staff will even work with you to ensure you have the ability to keep up with the suggested maintenance of the system after the installation is said and done.

Septic systems are made of two main components, which include the septic tank and the drainage field. The septic tank is where all of the waste go that come from the household. The drainage field works to filter out that water that comes out of the septic tank. Once the water finally reaches the soil in the yard surrounding your home, it has been filtered and is not any sort of threat to your family.


In order to have. your new septic system installed on your property, you will have to get the right permit. This permit will allow the digging on your property so that the system can be installed. Our staff will make sure that all of the right paperwork and permits are in place so that we can proceed with your installation.


If we are going to be replacing your system, our team will remove the old tank and all of the pipes. From there, we will make sure that we have the right design in mind to match up to the needs of your household. You can trust us at Schleg Valley Construction to ensure you have the perfect installation that is up to code and will last you for many years to come.

After your system is installed, you can look to us as your professional septic care team for the future. We can be there for all of your septic maintenance needs as well as any inspections or repairs that you may require later on down the road.

A septic system install in Brier is an important investment in your property. Call us today at Schleg Valley Construction at (425) 312-6750 and we can set up a time for an initial consultation.