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Water Main Repair In Index

The water in your home is a crucial part of daily life. You have to have water for cooking, cleaning, laundry, and more. What happens if you’re noticing issues around the home? Do you need a water main repair in Index? How do you know if that’s the problem? The trained experts can answer all these and more at Schleg Valley Construction. We take time to go over the issues you’re concerned with and provide an affordable solution.

Knowing what to watch for is half the battle in getting the repair in place as soon as possible. Signs to call us in for include:

  • Puddles – If you notice puddles of standing water in the yard, that’s a sign of a leak in the lines. It is especially critical if it’s close to the home or where the main line connects to the street.
  • Cracks – Foundational cracks can be indicative of a leak in the water system somewhere. A professional must take a look to help reduce any further damage.
  • Water bill – You know what your monthly water usage looks like regularly. However, if you see sudden increases, there’s a problem in the home somewhere. It’s best to have an inspection done to determine where the issue may be.

A professional technician will come to your home and evaluate the situation. Then they will provide you with a full estimate of what the best solution is. This helps you get back to normal usage of water in the home as soon as possible.

If you need to discuss a water main repair in Index, be sure to reach out to our office today. Call us at (425) 312-6780 to set up an appointment for service.