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Water Main Repair In Brier

A leaking water main can cause a lot of issues. It can cause damage to your home flooring, walls, and even the foundation. That’s why it’s imperative to contact Schelg Valley Construction for your water main repair in Brier as soon as you notice an issue.

Our team is here to help with new installations, repairs, and replacements whenever you need them. Take a look below at how we can help you with this and your other construction needs:

Reasons To Trust Schleg Valley Construction

We provide a variety of construction services to our community. One of the reasons so many turn to us is that we own our own heavy equipment. That means there’s no downtime between a diagnosis of the situation and the solution being in place.

Each technician on staff is a certified and trained professional insured and bonded to work on your site. You’ll receive a fast response time, quality work, and great rates for your needs.

Signs A Water Main Issue Is The Problem

Several indicators signal a water main problem. First, you should not have standing water at the home or the street connection. If there is water there, it is indicative of a leak.

Another sign you have a water main problem is a steep increase in your water bill. There are times it may have a gentle rise due to an increase in use. However, a steep increase says there is a problem.

If you are concerned about your water lines, call us at (425) 312-6750 for more information on our water main repair in Brier. We look forward to assisting you with all your repair and replacement needs.