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Water Main Line Service In Monroe

The main water line that comes into the home is vital for getting water when you need it. Making sure you have proper water main line service in Monroe is important. Schleg Valley Construction is here to share what to watch for and the necessary maintenance for your lines.

Be sure you keep an eye out for any of the mentioned signs below or call us if you need more information. We are here to help restore water service to normal in no time.

Signs To Watch

When there’s something amiss with your main water line, you’ll notice issues around the home. For example, you may see water standing around the home when there’s not been any precipitation to speak of. Other instances may include cracks in the foundation, spiking water bills, or a noticeable leak near the road where the line is connected. If any of these are present, make sure you contact the professionals to check it out sooner than later.


Having a regular service and flush performed on the main lines is critical in keeping it moving smoothly. This removes any sediment build-up that has occurred, flushes the lines, and ensures that the water is not discolored or has an odor. It also helps to ensure fire hydrants work as they should when needed.

If you need to discuss water main line service in Monroe, be sure to reach out to Schleg Valley Construction today. Give us a call at (425) 312-6750 to discuss your needs and to see how we can help restore normal flow in no time. We look forward to helping you with all your construction needs.