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Water Main Line Service In Edmonds

The main water line into your home is a vital part of your daily activities. From washing laundry to handling cooking or dishes, you need to rely on your water supply. What happens if you’re having issues? That’s where Schleg Valley Construction can help. We provide water main line service in Edmonds for all our residential clients. Whether you need to flush the system or have a repair technician look, we can assist you!

Our team of technicians has been trained and certified to provide construction services for various items around the home. Check out the signs to look for below that there’s an issue and when to give us a call.

Signs To Notice

When it comes to the main water line, your home will start to give signs away that there’s a problem. If you see any of the following, be sure to call in the experts sooner than later. That will help prevent more damage!

Water Leak Signs

You may notice water standing around the home. This happens when there’s a leak in the system. Perhaps you’ve noticed at the edge of the home where the line connects or even at the road. If you see this, give us a call!


If you notice cracks in the foundation, this signifies there’s an issue. We can check the main water line to help further you solve the problem.


When water pressure reduces and doesn’t come back, there could be a problem in the main line. This needs to be evaluated by a pro to help restore full pressure.

Give us a call today if you need to discuss any water main line service in Edmonds. We can be reached by calling (425) 312-6750.