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Water Main Flushing In Lynnwood

Have you noticed odors in your water lines? Have you seen discoloration or sediment in the sinks? Then it’s time to consider having a water main flushing in Lynnwood with the team at Schleg Valley Construction. This process can benefit your home and help you to get the freshwater you desire.

Learn more about the process below and see why it’s a necessary step in spring maintenance every year:

What Does The Process Look Like?

There are two ways of flushing the water main. One is to open up hydrants around the area. It will flush out the main lines bringing all sediment out of the pipes. Another way to flush is called unidirectional flushing or UDF. This is the process of isolating different pipes as they rinse them out with water flowing through to clear out the lines.

When this process takes place, be sure to try and reduce your water usage. It will take up to an hour to complete. Avoid washing any clothes or dishes as this can affect the items you own.

Benefits of Flushing

You may wonder why this process is necessary. It actually brings along a variety of benefits to your home. For starters, sediment from corrosion is not something you want in your drinking water. This allows the sediment to be flushed out regularly completely. You can trust your clear, clean water from the tap.

Another benefit is to make sure you have great water pressure, hydrants work properly, and that any discoloration or odor is removed.

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