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Water Main Flushing In Edmonds

Have you ever noticed your fire hydrants seeing to pour out water for no apparent reason? In reality, there is an excellent reason that is happening! It is called water main flushing in Edmonds. When this happens, you’ll reap many benefits as a homeowner. Here at Schleg Valley Construction, we work to help you learn those benefits and see how it affects your home.

Learn the many reasons that this is a good sign for your area and how you can prepare for the process on your own:

Spring Cleaning For Your Pipes

Basically, this is a way to clean out the pipes that run into your home. It helps flush out any sediment, dirt, or toxins that may have ended up in the water supply. With a powerful stream of water flushing through the system, it removes anything that could adversely affect the water quality in your residence.


There are numerous advantages to this process. They include:

  • Ensuring the fire hydrants are working properly in your area
  • Flushes out the sediment in the lines
  • Improve water quality
  • Get rid of smells or discoloration in the water

How To Prep

It is easy to prepare your home for this process. It typically only takes around 30 minutes to a full hour to complete. Make sure to do dishes or laundry before this process as it could affect your clothes or dishes. Expect to have a reduction in water pressure. After it is completed, you should go back to normal use.

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