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Water Main Flushing In Clearview

Getting high-quality water in your home is easy to do with the process of water main flushing in Clearview. This process performed with the help of Schleg Valley Construction can ensure you have the best quality water at all times. Our team is here to inform you of the process, what to expect, and why it’s so important.

Is It A Waste Of Water?

While some homeowners are concerned about the waste of water, this process really benefits the system as a whole. Using the water to flush out the lines, you can rest assured the sediment, debris, or dirt in the lines is gone. That will not affect your water supply any longer. Consider this a spring cleaning type of job, just as you would freshen up the home.

What To Expect

When this process takes place, you may or may not notice a reduction in water pressure in your home. It should only last around 30 minutes to an hour during the whole flush.

Your water usage in the home should be kept to as little as possible. Don’t try to wash dishes or your clothing while this is going on. It can cause stains to get on your items as sediment is pushed through the lines. It could also bring that sediment into your water heater if it’s in use.


You’ll have a clear water quality that not only improves the look of the water but the taste as well. It helps to reduce any bacteria or sediment as well.

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