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Water Main Flushing In Brier

Dealing with less than stellar water quality can be frustrating. One process that can help clear that up is the water main flushing in Brier. Schleg Valley Construction does this to help clear any sediment, debris, or dirt that may have settled in the lines. By doing this process regularly, you can have supreme water quality, water pressure and know that your hydrants work properly at all times.

What Is Main Flushing?

The process is explained as a stream of water pushing through the lines and running out through hydrants or valves to clear the lines. This steady stream runs through water mains to help push out sediment and clear the lines.

How Long Does It Last?

In most cases, this process will take around 30 minutes or up to an hour.

What Should You Do?

You can typically stay in the home during the process, and you may not notice it at all. However, you don’t want to run the water, wash dishes, or laundry while the water main is flushed. That is because you can draw sediment into your water tank, which could cause issues later on. You may notice a reduction in water pressure if you do need to use the lines.

Also, after this has been completed, you should be able to go right back to normal usage. If you notice discolored water, you can go outside and open up the lines to flush the rest through the system.

If you want to schedule a water main flushing in Brier or have more questions, be sure to call the professionals at (425) 312-6750. We look forward to helping you with all your water quality needs.