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Water Main Flushing In Arlington

Dealing with inadequate water quality can be frustrating. There’s a process called water main flushing in Arlington that can help. Learning about this process through the help of Schleg Valley Construction can enlighten you on why it is done regularly.

Discover the many benefits this process can bring to your own home and how you can help prepare for the process yourself:

What Is Flushing?

In basic terms, this is where the water in the main lines gets flushed through the system. For example, fire hydrants are opened up so that they can flush water through the system. It only takes an hour or less for the entire process to be done.

What Do I Do?

You really don’t have a lot to prepare for. Do be sure that you avoid washing dishes or laundry during this time. It can cause your clothes or dishes to become stained as things are pushed through the lines.

Other ways to prepare include being prepared for a reduction in water pressure. It may not be too noticeable, but it could affect your normal daily tasks for a short time.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of this process are quite numerous. You are going to notice a difference in the water quality for one. Pushing out all the sediment from the water will remove any discoloration or flavor that it may have developed.

Another benefit is that you know your hydrants will work properly in the event they are needed. It also helps to give a fresh cleaning to the entire system.

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