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Water Line Installation In Granite Falls

Dealing with a water problem is very frustrating and overwhelming. It’s important to know who to turn to when you’re concerned about the water in your home. Schleg Valley Construction is here to help! We’ve been working with residents in the area for years to restore normal water service. One of our options is the professional water line installation in Granite Falls that we offer. Whether you’re building a new home or need a replacement for aging pipes, we’ve got you covered.

Our services are second to none in Granite Falls and the surrounding area. Learn why the residents in your neighborhood already trust us with their plumbing needs and why you can too!


We start with a thorough evaluation of your property and water line issues. We discuss your concerns and what you’ve been noticing as of late. This helps us to pinpoint the issue. With our minimal invasive evaluation consisting of the latest tech available, we can quickly ascertain the problem and get a solution.

Full Estimate

Working with our team means you receive a full-cost estimate before any work is completed. The upfront, honest, and affordable pricing model we employ makes it easy to get the repairs or replacement you need when you need it.

Replacement ASAP

We understand that the loss of water, low water pressure, or standing water is a problem that has to be ascertained quickly. Otherwise, you can end up with much more damage than you started with. Our team is here to work diligently and promptly to restore water with brand new lines installed quickly and efficiently.

If you need to discuss water line installation in Granite Falls, be sure to call us today at (425) 312-6750.