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Unclog Sewer Line In Redmond

Unclog Sewer Line In Redmond

Have you noticed that you have more than one drain in your home that is getting really slow? If you are having issues with gurgling noises or you have to wait for the water to go down in your sinks for a while after turning the water off, you could have a blockage going on in your sewer line. Instead of taking on this task on your own, you can contact us at Schleg Valley Construction to unclog sewer line in Redmond and get you fast results.

If you suspect that there is a blockage in your sewer line, you can call us to come out to inspect the plumbing. We have camera technology that we can deploy down through the drain to get a closer look and pinpoint the actual location and nature of the cause. If it seems as though there are roots that have infiltrated through a fracture in the line, we can use sewer jetting technology to blast the roots away and wash them through the line.

Once the blockage is cleared out, we can then do another inspection with the camera to assess any damage that may be present. We can go over the options for repair or replacement with you and provide you with a detailed estimate for the work that is required.

Even if you are used to putting chemical drain cleaners down your drains, you should know that they can sometimes cause harm to the plumbing and a waste of money. We can come out to your home, get you the fix that you need, and make sure that your drains are flowing smoothly once again.

If you are having drain issues, you may need to call the experts to unclog sewer line in Redmond. Call Schleg Valley Construction today at (425) 312-6750.