The Importance Of Sewer Repair In Camano Island

Sewer Repair In Camano Island

There are some people that will not give much of a thought to their sewer system and just how important sewer repair and drain maintenance is until it is too late. The good thing is, you do have options available for you to help out with the professional sewer repair in Camano Island and whatever maintenance that you may need.

You may find that something has come about where you have some sort of obstruction that is keeping your sewer system from running properly. Whenever this happens, you can feel glad that you have a team like Schleg Valley Construction on your side for quality, dependable sewer repair in your area.


A truly overlooked consideration that many people experience with the importance of sewer repair is not nature can lead to a lot of damage that you may never expect. It goes without saying that if notice a clog in your shower drain and you are able to dig out a clump of hair, this is what is the cause of the water that is backing up. However, if you are noticing a bad smell in your home, a toilet that is overflowing or water coming back up into your sinks, there could be a problem that is going on underground.

A tree’s root system is driven to go wherever it seems as though water may be, even if the water is going through thick pipes. A root assault can lead to a hairline crack in the piping, or even a full fracture. While this may be a cause that you cannot see, it never means that it isn’t happening.

Sewer Gas

Something that is very important when it comes to drain cleaning and sewer repair is the potential of sewer gas build up. Piping that goes throughout your home or commercial space will serve as both a seal and vent that helps to keep the gas from getting in through the drains. Any waste that goes through the sewer drain will start to turn into a dangerous vapor while it is decomposing. This is actually something that is all natural and unavoidable.

Your pipes are only going to be as good as whatever pressure they are made to take on. If your drains are not cleaned properly and your sewer does not have the necessary repairs, the pressure could become too much, or the pipes can become obstructed.

Regardless of what your needs may be for your commercial or residential space, you will find that working with reputable professionals will always be your best course of action. Schleg Valley Construction has not only the manpower and expertise to get your sewer repair done and out of the way, but we are also known for incredible customer service to answer your questions and to give you added peace of mind.

When you are in need of professional sewer repair in Camano Island, you can count on us at Schleg Valley Construction. Call us today at (360)722-4025 and we will get started! We look forward to working with you to meet and exceed all your expectations in a professional sewer repair team.