Preparing For Your Sewer Installation In Lake Stevens

Preparing For Your Sewer Installation In Lake Stevens

If you are going to be having a sewer installation in Lake Stevens, there are several things that you need to do to make sure your property is ready. The good thing is that if you plan early enough, you can get it all done before the day arrives for installation to begin.

Obstructions – It is important that you check to see if there are any obstructions that may get in the way of the installation process. The contractor will have to be able to move about your property freely, so make sure that you get any outdoor furniture and other items out of the way.

Tree Roots – While you may not think about tree roots initially, you also have to be sure that there are no roots in the way. The pros will also be able to give you some tips to make sure that you do not have roots that make their way into your new sewer lines in the years to come after installation.

Drain Lines – SOmething else that you may need to do is make sure that you are able to clean up the drain lines that are associated with your plumbing network. Clean drain lines will make it a whole lot easier to install the new sewer lines. While you never want to use any harsh chemicals that can cause an imbalance in your septic system, this tends to be the one exception to that common rule. Your contractor may also have suggestions for taking care of this in advance.

If you know that it is time for you to have a new sewer installation on your property, you can trust that Schleg Valley Construction will work hard to ensure the best possible results. If you have questions regarding preparing your property for your upcoming installation, we will be happy to offer suggestions.

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