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Sewer Jetting In Mercer Island

Sewer Jetting In Mercer Island

While there are many ways that you can tackle a clog in the drains in your home, you need to call the professionals if it reoccurs or if you feel as though there is a problem deeper into your sewer lines. If you have consistent drain issues or the signs of a potential backup, you can contact us at Schleg Valley Construction to help with professional sewer jetting in Mercer Island.

There is no business owner or homeowner that wants to think about dealing with a sewer line clog, but this is something that can spring up at any time. Even if you try to monitor what goes down the drains, there can be something that will happen that causes a blockage to develop.

Do you have trees or shrubs fairly close to your sewer lines? If so, even the slightest fracture in the line or one of the joints will cause moisture to seep into the soil around the lines. When this happens, roots nearby are always growing and they will gravitate toward the nearest water source. It is very common for roots to infiltrate and cause major issues with sewer lines.

The good news is that we have sewer jetting equipment and video inspection technology that we can use to get to the heart of your sewer line blockage problem. Once you call us, you can expect trained and certified sewer technicians to show up at your property to begin a full inspection to determine your needs and put together a course of action to get it fixed for you.

Schleg Valley Construction is available for sewer jetting in Mercer Island. Call our professional team today at (425) 312-6750 for an appointment.