Septic System Design In Edmonds That You Can Count On

Septic System Design In Edmonds That You Can Count On

When you are putting in new construction, or it is time to upgrade your septic situation, you need a design and installation team that you can count on. Schleg Valley Construction is the number one answer when you want a dependable team to help with septic system design in Edmonds and the surrounding areas.

It goes without saying that septic systems have evolved significantly throughout the years. Because of this, our team at Schleg Valley Construction stays on top of all of the latest advancements in both design and technology. Doing so enables us to ensure we have nothing but the best to offer all of our customers.

Understanding The General Function

The septic system for your property handles the natural process for treating and then disposing of the various liquid wastes generated by your household. Septic systems are comprised of a tank that is sometimes split into two compartments. There are then pipe baffles as well as an outlet filter that help to make sure that the solids remain in the tank.

The Types Of Systems

You will find a broad range of septic systems used today throughout Washington state. These systems are broken up into four categories:

  • Standard Gravity Septic Systems
  • Pressure Distribution Septic Systems
  • Advanced Treatment Above Ground Systems
  • Advanced Treatment Below Ground Systems

We never expect our customers to understand all of the working parts on a septic system, such as the effluent filters, control panels, septic alarms, pumps, and more. Our team is always here to go over the options available to you so that we can help you to make the right decision on a new septic system design that meets your needs.

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