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Septic Services In Redmond

Septic Services In Redmond

New Home Construction In Redmond

When you want to have a home buying experience that is tailored to your personality, ideas, and tastes, you will see that our staff at Schleg Valley Construction will be there to assist throughout each step of the process.

General Contractor In Redmond

If you try to take on a major addition to the home or an involved renovation, the chances are that there will be a number of bumps in the road that you could be facing. When you have a general contractor on your side, we can ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and that you have the assistance necessary to eliminate the hassles and headaches.

Sewer Installation & Repair Service In Redmond

If you call us at Schleg Valley Construction for a new installation or repair, we bring with us all of the necessary equipment. We have trained technicians on the job and all of our work is completely guaranteed to give you added peace of mind.

Sewer Installation In Redmond

In many cases, you may not know that you have problems with your sewer lines until something goes wrong. When you have wastewater that is backing up into your drains, you will have to have someone assess your lines as soon as possible.

Sewer Repair Services In Redmond

Sewer gases can be strong and a telltale indicator that there is a plumbing problem in the works. Foul odors can point at a clog in the line or a back up that is about to happen.

Sewer Jetting In Redmond

Sewer jetting is done using a hose and a specialized nozzle to send high-pressure water through your lines. The water has enough power to blast through the debris and gunk that may be built up in the sewer pipe without causing damage.

Unclog Sewer Line In Redmond

Even if you are used to putting chemical drain cleaners down your drains, you should know that they can sometimes cause harm to the plumbing and a waste of money. We can come out to your home, get you the fix that you need, and make sure that your drains are flowing smoothly once again.

Septic System Pump Repair Service In Redmond

When you contact Schleg Valley Construction, you are opening up to a world of professional septic services performed by friendly, skilled professionals. All of our septic technicians have been through extensive training and we are fully licensed to deal with any sort of septic issue that a homeowner could have.

Septic Tank Pump Repair Service In Redmond

Have you been noticing that there are foul odors that come from some of the drains within your home? If so, this could be a symptom of a septic pump that is beginning to fail.

Sewer Pipe Repair In Redmond

When you hire Schleg Valley Construction for a sewer pipe repair, know that all of our technicians have gone through all of the right training and that we are fully licensed and insured. We also arrive on time and with all of the latest equipment that we need to get the job done right the first time.

Burst Main Water Line Repair & Replacement Redmond, WA

Schleg Valley Construction is your reliable partner for all your main water line needs in Redmond, WA! Call today for a free quote on water line repair.