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Septic Pumping Everett

Your septic tank is designed for a certain amount of waste accrual over time. Your drain field is also designed for a certain rate per day. However, when the fields are full, or the tank is not draining, you may need to consider septic pumping in Everett. Schleg Valley Construction provides superior service for all of your septic needs. We have been working with clients for years on helping with all their sewer and septic services.

If you’re not sure what is happening with your system, check out the signs below that a pump is necessary:

Signs Your System Needs to be Pumped

Your septic tank will give you signs that you need to have professional assistance. For starters, your drains will become sluggish or slow-moving. This is a sign that the tank is at capacity. Another sign you may notice is a foul odor in the home or outside around the tank. Lush, green grass where your lines run is another sign that it is malfunctioning. Sewage backing up into the home is also another sign you need help with.

Pumping the Tank

Our team will arrive with the pump truck to drain the tank and ensure your system is working properly. For maintenance, your tank should be pumped every three to five years, depending on the size and family members in the home. Once the tank is pumped properly, you can expect your system to go back to normal. Your expert tech will let you know if any issues are found during the pump and inspection.

Call us a call today if you feel your tank is full or you’re dealing with troublesome signs your system is malfunctioning. Call us at (425) 312-6750 to learn more about our septic pumping in Everett.