Reasons Why Professional Concrete Floor Installation Is Best

Reasons Why Professional Concrete Floor Installation Is Best

Concrete is often used to create various surfaces in homes and businesses. You will usually see it on pool decks, driveways, foundations, retaining walls, walkways, garage floors, and more. When you are hoping to hire someone for concrete floor installation in Gold Bar, Schleg Valley Construction can provide you with a project estimate.

Why Not DIY?

Even if you are handy with large-scale home projects, dealing with concrete can be difficult for someone without training and the right equipment and manpower. Flatwork for large concrete surfaces can be laborious and challenging to install, making it a no-go for DIY. There are plenty of benefits from hiring a professional installer with concrete experience.

These are just some of the top benefits of hiring an experienced team for your concrete floor installation needs:

Site Preparation

Before pouring concrete, the site has to be fully prepared. This includes grading and leveling the ground, determining depth, and addressing other factors unique to the job. A common mistake a DIYer will make when tackling job site preparation is not paying much attention to drainage. Another is making the surface of the concrete too thick or thin. Professionals know all about grading and sloping, so you have the perfect installation.

Concrete Selection and Mixing

Many people do not realize all the different concrete mixes available. Some have more reinforced materials or sand, while others have more water or aggregate. Picking out the right mix and having it mixed correctly is imperative. A good mix ensures the surface can handle all rigors you put it through, whether from indoor traffic or outdoor elements.

Leveling and Smoothing Before Curing

Once concrete gets poured, there is limited time before it hardens where you can level and smooth it out. After it starts to set, you can no longer get the desired result. Professionals like our team at Schleg Valley Construction know how to formulate perfect timing to ensure this gets done without a hitch.

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