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Large Diameter Auger Excavation Everett – Snohomish County

Building a new home is an exciting journey to take. However, there can be hiccups along the way. Being prepared for those is key. One way to do that is by working with Schleg Valley Construction. We take care of everything from grading and clearing land to provide large diameter auger excavation in Everett.

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What Is Large Diameter Auger Excavating?

LDA is a method of excavating into the soil with a piece of equipment to dig up any contaminated soil. This can be used to mix treatment into the soil or it can be used to remove the source of contaminants. It’s important that this process is done when you have soil tests done that show problems that could leak into your home or business water source.

What We Do

Our team of experts will come to the property, discuss the results and concerns with you, and make a plan for excavation. We will go over the details, estimate the completed job, and answer any and all questions you may have.

Heavy Equipment

This large diameter auger is a huge piece of equipment. If you had to wait for rentals, it could extend the length of time before the job is completed. Because we own all of our heavy equipment, there’s no wait time between scheduling the job and completing it.

If you think that large diameter auger excavation in Everett is something you need, call in the experts today at (425) 312-6750. We are here to help you clear out your land, remove the contaminants, and get your construction moving forward.