Know The Signs Your Darrington Property Needs Sewer Replacement

Know The Signs Your Darrington Property Needs Sewer Replacement

Your sewer line coming from your home is something that you do not want to worry about failing. However, if it does, the damage inside your home disrupts your daily life and potential health hazards. That is why it is essential to learn signs that you may need a sewer replacement in Darrington. Schleg Valley Construction wants to share some signs that may pop up that tell you it is time to have a professional come out and inspect your system to see if a replacement is necessary.

Foul Odors

If you are smelling sewer gases in your home or the area outside where the line is located, it is time to call in the professionals. This could be a sign that something is broken in the system, allowing the smell to come through when it should not. A standard functioning system should not give off this smell.

Slower Draining

A problem that many see when their sewer line requires inspection is the slow-moving drains. There could be a tree root growing into your lines, a blockage of items flushed down the toilet, or a buildup of food items sent down the drain. Constant stoppages may tell you that it is time to redesign and replace your sewer lines.

Mold Growth

If you notice mold or mildew growing in your home, it’s time to have someone come out and inspect the area. A broken or leaking sewer pipe can cause mold to grow inside the house. Additionally, this black water situation can lead to health issues for your family if not handled properly.

These are just a few of the signs that you may require sewer replacement in Darrington. If you discover any of these, it is time to give our team here at Schleg Valley Construction a call. We can come out and inspect your sewer line and give you an evaluation of the best route to take. Set up your appointment today by calling us – Eastern WA: (509) 715-6765 – Western WA: (425) 312-6750.