Hiring A Septic Installation Service In Brier

septic installation service in Brier

Once you find that you are going to start the process of building a home that is not close to any municipal sewer lines, it is best to call a professional for the design and installation of a septic system. Hiring a dependable septic installation service in Brier will give you all of the confidence that you need to move forward with your construction plans.

The septic tank and lines installed will be used in place of a conventional sewer system and work to ensure that the wastewater from your home is managed properly. When you go with the right professionals in the Snohomish County area, you will have the assurance that you need that all of your lines, drain field and your tank have been placed in the right location. Whenever you are getting ready to put in a new septic system installation, these are a few of the things that you can expect:

Site Evaluation 

A thorough evaluation of the potential septic site will be necessary to ensure that the system will work properly. It has to be located on a slight slope that is just a bit lower than the home foundation. After the site has been located, the technicians will take a look at the soil and make sure that it can handle septic waste.

Installation Of Holding Tank

Once the site is located and the test are done to the soil, the installation of the septic tank (holding tank) can begin. The tank works to separate the liquid wastewater from the solid waste. To be sure that your family and the environment around you is safe, the tank will need to be place in a deep put that is under the ground surface.

Creation Of Drain Field

This is an essential piece of the puzzle when putting in a septic system. Once the solid waste settles down to the bottom of your septic tank, any liquid wastewater flows out into your surrounding drain field. The soil particles will absorb the wastewater in the drain field and it helps to make sure that all of the surrounding area stays free and clear of contamination.

When it comes time to have a septic system professionally installed, you can look to the help and guidance of Schleg Valley Construction. Not only can we help with the complete design of your septic tank system, but we also have the experience, manpower and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

From the moment that you call us, we will come out to your property to do a full walkthrough of the space and then discuss your options for the placement of your new septic system. Once everything is done and installed, we look forward to being your go to provider of all septic pumping and maintenance that you need. It is important that you do all you can to care for your septic system to ensure proper function, and we will be there to help you every step of the way.

If you are in need of a dependable septic installation service in Brier, call Schleg Valley Construction at (425)312-6750.