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When it comes to new construction, you want to work with a reliable, dependable contractor that knows how to make sure your new building project comes off without a hitch. That is where the elite team of Schleg Valley Construction comes in. For years, we’ve worked with countless community members to develop and build new properties. Our team is certified, trained, insured, and bonded to work on any building project you have.

Discover many of our services below to see how we can help you build that new dream home:

Wall Construction

Designing your dream home starts with wall construction. You may need walls of different types around the property to help retain the land and landscaping where it is at. Other times you need walls of materials that can stand up to anything the climate throws your way.

Our team builds a variety of walled designs, including:

Whether you need retention for landscaping or you want a sturdy block design, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Grading

Part of the construction process is the site prep that has to be done. The experts can properly grade the land, remove any trees or stumps necessary, and deliver rocks to make sure that the site is built up as it needs to be.

Concrete Work

Another important aspect of the building site is the concrete work. You don’t want to trust this to just anyone. As experts in laying foundations and concrete, you can rely on professionals to do it right the first time.

A new home is a huge investment in your future. Be sure you trust your construction needs to Schleg Valley Construction. Reach out to us today at (425) 312-6750.