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Concrete Driveway Installation Everett

A concrete driveway has many benefits over asphalt when it comes to longevity and endurance. That’s why so many homeowners in the area turn to Schleg Valley Construction for the services we provide regarding concrete driveway installation in Everett. For years we’ve helped homeowners just like you to restore and replace their current driveway to update the look and durability.

Discover how we install a new concrete driveway below and give us a call if you require a touch-up or new location:

Prep Work

The first step in ensuring that your concrete stays around looking great is site prep work. This is critical in making sure that there are no roots that will cause problems, flattening the area to prevent cracks, and getting the size of the driveway accurate. We have all of our own heavy equipment, so prep work is a breeze.

Pouring the Concrete

Your experts onsite will mix and pour the concrete when the prep work is complete. We can reinforce the mixture when laying it with steel or mesh if necessary to give you a sturdy location. Our experts lay the concrete down while simultaneously spreading the top layer to ensure it is flat and smooth.


This process allows the concrete to harden to ensure you get the most out of the driveway you’ve installed properly. This typically takes about a week or so before it’s ready for you to drive on and park.

Whether you want a decorative finish on your driveway or you need a new concrete driveway installation in Everett, we’re here to help. Give us a call at (425) 312-6750 today to learn more. We look forward to helping you with all your concrete installation needs.