Arlington Residents Can Trust Our Team For Block Wall Installation

Arlington Residents Can Trust Our Team For Block Wall Installation

You could have more than one area around your property that would benefit from a new block/retaining wall installation. Whether you are hoping to add a large retaining wall or you are hoping to add something new architecturally within your property, professional installation is a must. Schleg Valley Construction is available when you need help with block wall installation in Arlington and the surrounding areas.

Block Retaining Wall Planning

As with any other feature of your exterior, you do have options that you can choose from when picking out a new wall system. Our team is happy to go over all of the available building materials so that your finished results provide you with a seamless addition to your exterior aesthetic.

For block walls, you can choose regular blocks and stack them for a gravity-held style. There is also a block system that works using pins to give you some added security when assembled. You also have the option of blocks that have an interlocking lip feature for added stability.

Determine Your Layout

You may already have some ideas in mind but are not quite sure of the best way to bring them together. The good news is that our construction professionals know best practices for your block wall installation so that you will have the ultimate design to last for many years to come. Are you looking to keep mulch and soil in place? Are you having issues with runoff in some areas? Be sure to let us know your concerns, and we will formulate a plan for your wall installation.

Schleg Valley Construction is here to help with your block wall installation in Arlington. Call us – Eastern WA: (509) 715-6765 – Western WA: (425) 312-6750.